Well-fed cats: why you need it and how to choose an automatic feeder

Many owners periodically have to leave their pets for a long time. If earlier it was necessary to ask neighbors and friends to look after a cat or cat, now you can find an auto feeder on sale that will solve the problem of feeding an animal. Choose an automatic cat feeder for multiple cats.

What is an automatic feeder

A dispenser, or fielder, as an automatic animal feeder is also called, is a device for portioning feed, which is most often freeze-dried, but can also be wet canned. This original device allows you to dispense a strictly dosed portion of food at a specific time interval set by the owner. Usually, the maximum time for which the device is programmed does not exceed 96 hours, but complex and expensive designs can be found on the market that allows the cat to be fed independently for three months.

How does it work

The dispenser is extremely easy to operate. They work with him like this:

  • The required amount of feed is poured into the loading container.
  • Close and fix the lid so that the pet does not have the opportunity to get inside.
  • Set the timer at the desired time intervals (usually 8, 12 and 24 hours).
  • The auto feeder is placed in a convenient and familiar place for the cat.

If the device is equipped with an audio recording function, then you can leave the animal with a conditioned calling signal.

Is the automatic cat feeder convenient?

For a pet, an automatic feeding device will be indispensable in the following situations:

  • if the owner has a bad memory, and he often forgets that the cat also wants to eat;
  • the owner of the animal is forced to be absent for a long time (on a business trip, on vacation, etc.);
  • due to health problems, the pet needs frequent and fractional meals strictly by the hour;
  • there was a need to take the medicine dosed and at a certain time.

The dispensed portion of feed will not allow the animal to eat the entire supply at once, which will protect it from overeating and, as a result, from obesity.

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