The Many Ways to Treat Those Pesky Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are some of the most commonly overlooked pests in the whole world. While most places infected with Bed bugs are public places like hotels, motels and even movie theatres, we should not forget the fact that bed bugs can exist even in our own homes.

Due to the size and the inconspicuous appearance of these bugs, most people don’t realize that they actually have Bed bugs in their homes until they notice several itchy red bumps on their bodies. In some cases, people who are bitten by bed bugs won’t even realize what happened because the bites are too small. It is great to know that bed bugs bites can be easily treated, but remember that in several cases, there are people deathly allergic to bed bug bites that they can develop hazardous rashes grave enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

What are the ways to treat bites? First of all, before you try to treat bites and do something drastic, be sure to confirm that you are actually bitten by Bed bugs. To do this, look at the red bumps and make sure that they are not just the ordinary mosquito bites. In most cases, Bed bugs bites often occur by threes to fives in a row. Inspect your bed; see and check if there are tiny blood spots in your bed. If you see some, most likely, you do have a bed bugs infestation. The blood spots are most often than not, squashed bed bugs or your own blood that the bed bugs have been sucking on.

Once you have confirmed that you have indeed been bitten, it is now the time to treat bites. The most common way to treat bites is to buy an over the counter medicine that you can apply on the fresh, red bumps. Be sure that the cream that you will use has hydrocortisone in the ingredients list. After consistently applying the cream, once the rashes have dried, you can now apply a calamine lotion to soothe and protect your skin until the rashes heal.

If you want take tablets instead of applying creams, buy antihistamine allergy pills to avoid any swelling; make sure that you follow the proper dosage instructed in the back of the package of your pills. Pain reliever tablets are also a great way to alleviate the pain and the itch of your bed bug bites. Make sure the pain reliever tablets contain ibuprofen.

Of course, if you prefer good old home remedies instead of pills and cream to treat bites, it is also entirely possible. Astringents are a great way to dry your rashes. You can even use lemon juice if you want. Get your astringent, and pour some in a cotton ball, then just wipe the cotton all over the rashes. Aloe is a great way to remedy itching; apply aloe gel directly to the bites to help heal it. Another great way to treat bites is to mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste. Apply this to the rashes and allow for it to dry for an hour, then wash it off afterwards.

Remember, if these treatments don’t work, make sure that you go and visit your doctor so that he could diagnose it himself.

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