Puppy House Training

You may have the world’s cutest puppy, but when it comes to puppy house training, things might not look so cute anymore. Your cuddly little fur ball who was just playing on your lap and licking your face has now eliminated a little wet stream on your new pants. This is obviously not the ideal situation. You become upset and instantly remove the puppy from your lap. The puppy becomes upset because he isn’t sure why you’re upset.

You can break out of this cycle, however, with the proper Puppy House Training. Don’t expect immediate results. You will most likely not be around your puppy at all times, so you won’t be able to train every time your puppy has the need to eliminate. In fact, he or she probably will not be 100 percent trained until they are around six months old. It is possible to do this training faster, and your puppy will get better with time, but it may take a while.

Puppy House Training Made Simple

As long as you realize that puppy house training is a process, you will be fine. When your puppy is young, he or she is eating a lot and running around a lot and therefore has to eliminate quite often. In addition, he cannot hold onto his elimination need as long as adult dogs because he has not developed bladder control.

Many people will have to leave their puppies home for several hours at a time. Did you ever wonder if there was a way to train when you were not home? Well, you can, but you will need to know what to do with your puppy during those times. Most training books will tell you to keep your puppy in a small room. Put paper all over the floor and include the puppy’s water, food, toys and blanket.

Expect that when you come home the little room will be a mess. Plan for this. Your puppy will likely tear up the paper and will have eliminated everywhere possible. However, the puppy will also be getting used to the idea of eliminating on paper for that is where he has gone every time. Gradually, he or she will begin to pick a specific area to eliminate. You can then reduce the paper size to that area. If your puppy ever eliminates outside of the paper, you know you have made the space too small too fast.

Importance of Puppy House Training

Everyone wants to have a nicely trained puppy. This is key in many situations. No one likes to have yucky stains on their carpets forever. It can be quite embarrassing if you have friends coming over, they love your new puppy, but your new puppy loves them a little too much. You can be sure that there will be mishaps in the beginning, and even well into the process, but be patient.

There are two very important factors when puppy house training. First, you must be consistent. If you are using the method where you take your puppy outside every time he begins to eliminate inside, and you ignore him a time or two because you are busy or tired, you will not achieve the results you want. Your puppy will become confused about where it is okay to eliminate, and you will become frustrated because of this.

Secondly, you must have persistence. Your puppy is perfectly capable of becoming potty trained. However, the process could take a few months. It takes time and energy for puppy house training. The payoff from your hard work will be wonderful. You will have a dog that will never eliminate inside, or where you do not want. The only times you may experience an accident are if your dog is sick or has been left alone for too long.

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