Natural Methods to Kill Bed Bugs

It is fairly easy to kill bed bugs. Just use insecticide spray, aim and spritz, and Bed bugs will cease to be a problem for you. But of course there are people who are more conscious of the health hazards of using sprays when getting rid of pests, especially if the infestation is occurring in their homes.

Luckily, there are many other ways to kill those tiny pests without having to use poison. First, gather all the things in your house that you think have been infected with Bed bugs, namely your bed sheet, pillow sheets, sofa covers, etc. Gather all of these items and bag them, then put them in extremely hot water in your washing machine. The temperature of the water should not go below 140 degrees Fahrenheit or else this method will not effectively kill those Bed bugs.

For other areas of your bedroom and the house, another way to kill Bed bugs is to use steam. One of the most common techniques for this method is to use a steam iron; point the iron to all areas including hidden crevices. This is an efficient way to get rid of those pests because the heat would kill them. Steam would not only kill the Bed bugs, but also it will be able to kill the bugs’ eggs, thus effectively preventing them from reproducing.

If your house is heavily carpeted, take out your vacuum cleaner and sweep all the areas of your floor. Do not forget to vacuum even the corners of your rooms. Once done, make sure to seal the trash bag and then throw it away immediately.

Remember all those silica gel packs that are included if you buy shoes, food, etc.? Well, would you believe that silica gel is also an effective and natural way to kill Bed bugs? Once you open the package, crush the silica gel and spread it all over your room, even on top of your mattress. The Bed bugs will stick to the silica gel, and the pests will eventually die due to suffocation.

For other areas of your house, be vigilant and check if you have any hidden openings in your house. Open cracks and crevices should be repaired immediately. Bed bugs can thrive in these areas and thus these areas should be disinfected at once. Repair these with plaster or glue if you use wallpaper in your room. It is always better to prevent Bed bugs from multiplying instead of waiting for them to mature before you kill them.

If you are wary of poison-laden insecticides, there are many natural spray cleaners available out in the market today. These spray cleaners have natural ingredients in them so you can safely spray this around your house without harming your family and even your beloved pets.

Doing all of these methods to kill Bed bugs will not be effective if you only do each of them once. While killing Bed bugs is pretty easy, it is a job meant to be done at least twice a month to effectively get rid of all those pests.

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