How to feed your dog

How much food should you give your dog per day?

The right amount of food is determined empirically for each dog, but there are general recommendations. If you are feeding food, the packet will always tell you what portion size should be based on the size of the dog. This is important because food is a balanced set of elements that your dog needs. Maybe you should сhoosing the best automatic dog feeder.

If the dog is very active, the recommended portion can be slightly increased. If the dog is very, very lazy, on the contrary, reduce it. The main thing is that the weight of the dog remains constant. In hot weather, the portion can be reduced, because dogs are usually lethargic, and they do not need extra work. In winter, the dog needs more energy and nutrients.

How many times a day should I feed my dog?

Puppies eat constantly and as much as they want. This is probably why, even when they grow up, they require the same regularity of feeding. But you can’t give in to persuasion and sweet eyes. The older the dog is, the less often it needs to be fed:

  • 2 months – 3-4 times a day
  • 3-6 months – 3 times a day
  • 6-12 months – 2 times a day
  • From a year – 1-2 times a day

You can feed your average dog twice a day in equal portions. If there are no problems with weight and activity, everything is fine.

How do you know if your dog is full?

The dog itself will never say this. She won’t understand. Dogs have little to no satiety and will eat like pigeons on the street until the food runs out.

You can navigate like this. It is okay if the dog asks for a supplement after eating, but you shouldn’t give the dog as much as he wants. If the dog looked at you offended and went to sleep, then everything is in order. If the dog goes to the kitchen all day to rattle the bowl, this is completely different. Either the dog is really not eating enough, and you need to increase the portion, or it’s time to go to the vet.

The dog is constantly begging for food. Is she hungry?

Begging from dogs is a matter of education. Unlike cats, dogs generally do not feel full and can eat as long as food is placed in the stomach. If the dog is constantly demanding food, it is worth going to the vet, because the problem may be related to health. If the dog drowned and left and went to sleep without receiving the supplement, everything is fine.

It seems to me that the dog is thin. Need more food?

First, figure out if she’s really thin. People have their own ideas about how a beautiful dog should look. And these ideas do not always correspond to the physiology of a healthy animal. A dog in good shape shows the waist. The ribs do not protrude, but they are easily felt by the hand when stroking.

How to calculate the amount of natural feed?

The amount of food for the whole day is considered as follows:

  • Puppies up to 6 months – 6% of the dog’s weight
  • Dogs from 6 months – 3-4% of the dog’s weight

That is, if you have a two-year-old Jack Russell weighing 8 kg, he should have 250-300 grams of food. But since this breed is known for its hyperactivity, the portion can be increased.

What should be in a dog’s diet?

If you are feeding food, then nothing else is needed. Natural food should contain approximately 40-50% meat, 30% fermented milk products and the rest – fiber. For example, it can be cottage cheese and kefir with bran in the morning and meat in the evening. Treat with fruits and vegetables periodically.

Why can’t you give your dog pork?

It is generally believed that dogs should not be pork due to its fat content. This is only partly true. Pork takes longer to digest, increases cholesterol levels and is more likely to contain parasites. Beef is leaner, yes, but not all parts. There are thick layers of fat in beef that can end up in a dog’s bowl.

What can you feed your dog to make it useful?

You can feed with vegetables and unsweetened fruits. Cucumbers, apples, grated carrots, celery.

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