How to Effectively Kill Bed Bugs Lurking in your Home

Bed bugs are some of the peskiest, most annoying insects that you can find in your home. These bloodsuckers are so tiny that most of the time, you will not realize that you are already housing them in your own bed. Bed bugs are so tiny that you might be mistaking them for apple seeds; they are fat and kind of reddish especially after having sucked on your blood for a few hours. These small little bloodsuckers are most commonly found in your mattress, sheets, and sofas, but they can also be found even in the cracks of your floor or places gathering dust because you don’t often clean them.

Is it now the time to panic, and throw out all your bed sheets? Of course not! Do not fret because it is actually pretty easy to kill bed bugs.

If you see those suckers yourself, get some Isopropyl Alcohol (not Ethyl Alcohol as Ispropyl is stronger) and begin spraying or pouring the alcohol directly on the Bed bugs. This will kill them instantly.

For the easiest way to kill bed bugs, you may need to go to your local grocery store. Visit the pesticide shelf, and purchase a can of insecticide spray. Make sure that you strictly follow the instructions provided because this method is potentially harmful to humans. One of the downsides in doing your own spraying is that it is pretty hard to find all the hidden places and crevices that those Bed bugs might have crawled into.

If you are a little more conscious of the hazards of spraying insecticides inside your house, you can also call a professional exterminator who is more adept and more knowledgeable in the pest control department. These people have enough experience to know all the places that Bed bugs might have gotten into. They also have proper tools and equipment at their disposal for an even easier way to kill those pests. Bonus: you don’t have to feel guilty about the fact that you are going to kill those nasty Bed bugs because you are paying someone to kill them instead.

Of course, it is not the wisest decision to spray any pesticide on your bed sheets, so take them off of your mattress and wash them. Make sure to put the sheets inside a bag to contain the infestation of just the affected sheets, and begin washing them in 49 degrees Celsius water. The heat will instantly kill the bugs. For items that cannot fit in the washing machine or cannot be easily washed, put or cover everything else in plastic and put them under the sun for a few days. Bed bugs cannot live in very hot climate, so placing affected items in a hot location would kill those pests. Make sure that the temperature will not go below 49 degrees Celsius or else this method will not work.

Having done all that, you can now safely clean your house by vacuuming the entire place to assure that there will be no more Bed bugs left.

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