Healthy Pet Treats

Actually, I have dogs and cats, usually more than two or three at a time. I love my pets, and I don’t think of them as animals so much as members of the family. Right now, one of my dogs is pushing 16 year, and she’s still going strong. There’s something about having a friend who never argues with you, always loves you, and loves to sit on your lap that makes pets so special. That’s why I like to give them the best, and healthy pet treats are a part of their overall care.

Just about every pet loves treats. I’m never quite sure why, but, since I love treats myself, I understand the concept. They can be used as rewards or just as an occasional expression of our love for our pets. Either way, they should be healthy, made from natural sources, and reasonably priced. After all, our pets don’t need designer treats; they just need healthy treats.

Pet Nutrition Importance

No matter what we feed our dogs, it should be based on sound nutrition. If we remember that one year is equivalent to seven years for a dog, we can understand better how much of an impact unhealthy food can have on the length of our dog or cat’s life. Of course, the opposite is also true; healthy foods, including treats and clean, fresh water, can mean a long, active life for your pet.

While many of the generic bags and cans of food claim that they provide 100% of your pets’ daily needs, studies have shown that they don’t always deliver. If you look at the least expensive food in the store and then compare the price to a healthier brand, you will find that the additional cost per meal is miniscule compared to the difference it will make to your pet.

Celebrate Pet Birthdays

We always celebrate our pets’ birthdays and even get them holiday presents. With Healthy Pet Treats, we never worry about affecting their weight or their teeth or their overall health. Instead, we just get to play with them and love them. My vet says that my older dog has the heart and bloodwork of a six year old. She can’t see very well, but she gets around without too much trouble, even to the extent of running and jumping like a puppy when she’s in the back yard.

Maybe we’re silly about the birthday and holiday gift thing, but there are a lot of hugs wrapped up in the “puppies” and our inside cat and our outside cat. Just to set the record straight, we don’t do cakes or candles or anything. They really love their treats, and, like most pets, love the extra attention even more.

Healthy Pet Treats for All Kinds of Pets

We’ve stuck to dogs and cats and a few fish, but we also know that many people have much larger or smaller pets. The good news is that you can now get healthy pet treats for all kinds of pets, from horses to hamsters, and you can get the best quality treats right here online. Whatever type of goodies you want to offer your pet friends, you will get a great deal on great treats.

On the pages of Healthy Pet Treats, we’ll discuss some of your options when it comes to good nutrition and good taste. After all, if you can’t tell by now that we love our pets to pieces, you wouldn’t have read this far. We’ll try to steer to in the direction of top quality pet treats and more, paying special attention to both cost and whether your pets will love them.

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