Effective Ways to Control the Spread of Bed Bugs After Travel

Bed bugs are small insects that need blood from warm-blooded mammals for nourishment. Technically speaking, a human being is considered to be one, which is why these insects generally favor staying in everyday household items (clothing, bedding, furniture, luggage, etc.). This also means that they are fully capable of spreading quite quickly, which is why it is important to learn how to kill bed bugs. Learning about this can help in keeping their population under control. And to do that you have to take some effective preventative measures and extermination methods in mind.

So, How to Kill That Bugs?

Rubbing Alcohol

All you need to battle against bed bugs are rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle. This winning combination will not only kill them, but prevent them from biting you as well. This combination is also convenient to use. Exterminators suggest that you should use 91% solution to ensure effectiveness. But 70% is also enough. You just have to spray them more. Also, bed bugs usually appear at night, so it’s suggested to use this at that time of day.

Steam Machine

A steam machine is perfect for getting rid of the insects and their eggs, as the steam can travel through cracks and crevices to cover hard-to-reach areas. Also, if a steam machine is hard to get a hold of, you can opt for a makeshift one using only an electric kettle and a flexible tube.

Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of bed bugs’ worst nightmares (assuming they can dream) because this effectively gets rid of them from carpets, walls, and mattresses. It also saves you from having to clean up the dead bugs (just make sure to store them in a sealed trash bag). Take note to pay extra attention to the seams, edges, and tufts of mattresses, as well as the corners and edges of carpets. It’s advised to make a second extermination session with a steam machine to ensure that not even a single bug is left alive.

Insecticides (Pyrethroids)

An insecticide is effective as a residual spot treatment (for the bed bugs’ common hiding places). It’s recommended to vacuum the spots first before you use insecticides, so that there would be no grime or dirt to block them. In other words, it is to improve its penetration through cracks and crevices in your walls.

Silica Gel

Crushed silica gel can be the deadliest trap they would ever have to face because it gets stuck to them and ultimately dehydrates them. Take caution when using this, as it is harmful.


As a preventative measure, this is a must. Cracks and crevices are the perfect places for bed bugs to thrive and hide. Basically, when you repair your home, you’re less likely to meet a miniscule, blood-sucking bug.

Bed bugs are quite persistent and resilient, but they can be dealt with. Now that you know how to kill bed bugs, you can now do your part in controlling their widespread population. And now you can finally say goodbye to those nasty bites!

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