Dog Training

If you’re a dog lover, dog training is one of the most fun and rewarding professions out there. There’s a whole lot more to it than yelling at a dog to “Sit!” Dog training takes professional training itself. The trainers need to be trained.

I’m going to tell everything you need to know about becoming a dog trainer–from the best schools to the best methods. By “schools” I mean the best obedience schools for dogs as well as the best schools for trainers themselves. I’ll also give a little bit about the best training practices.

By no means can I cover all the methods for training a dog. If you’ll learn one thing in a training course it’s that there’s a lot to learn about obedience training. Dog owners might not realize just how knowledgeable trainers have to be. I’ll give you some idea of what you’ll be studying as you set out to become a trainer.

Dog Training Basics

I’ll describe the difference between classical and operant conditioning, negative and positive reinforcement, and more. I’ll describe some of the more effective behavior modification tools such as the clicker. Behavior modification is not an easy task–it’s the process of changing a personality entirely. There are a lot of facets to consider.

Switching to Dog Training

Many people who get into dog training are changing careers midstream. They are unhappy with their jobs. They are tired of the eight hour a day rut, sitting in a gray cubicle. They want to experience the world. Mainly, they want to be doing something they love. Dog training is for dog lovers. There’s a lot of you out there.

There’s that old adage: if you don’t like your life, why aren’t you changing it? If you’ve always had dogs throughout your life, you may be a natural for becoming a dog trainer. You can start learning right away. Many dog training courses are taught on a correspondence basis. I’ll try to give you some idea what to look for in the better training seminars. After all, you’re going to be training dogs, you better be well-trained yourself.

Dog Training Careers

It’s been estimated that there are over 60 million dogs in the U.S. alone. Those numbers are rising. There’s going to be no shortage of dogs so there’s going to be no shortage for the need for dog training. Some people just aren’t equipped to train a dog. They are going to need your help.

Remember, you’re going to be training owners as much as you will be training dogs. There may be no better joy than fixing a problem situation. Sometimes owners begin obedience training when they’re at their wit’s end. At these times, dog training can be enormously satisfying work. I hope to lead you on the way.

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