Dog Health Info

When it comes to your dog’s health, acquiring accurate and up-to-date dog health info remains imperative. Just like humans, dogs are complicated organisms that often have the same medical conditions that we have. Accurate dog health info is necessary to recognize problems. Unfortunately, unlike people man’s best friend cannot tell you that his hips are really sore or that his chest is congested. It is thus important for any pet owner to be well versed dog health info.

Identifying the symptoms of serious medical conditions is the first step in treating your dog’s illness or injury. Like humans, myriad diseases exist that can take an otherwise healthy, vibrant canine and put him or her in the vet or worse. Common diseases such as rabies are usually easy to identify and have been largely eradicated in many areas.

Dog Health Info and Canine Diseases

Less common diseases such as parvovirus or canine hepatitis are more difficult for the untrained eye to notice yet can be deadly if not treated promptly and correctly. Parvovirus is a serious ailment that can take a dog’s life within days of contraction. Symptoms such as appetite loss, loose stools, and vomiting can be signs of this condition, which is commonly transmitted through contact with another dog’s feces.

Dogs that frequently have contact with other dogs in a park, kennel, or a dog show are susceptible to contracting the disease. Because of the highly contagious nature of the virus, one infected dog at a kennel or dog show can easily infect hundreds of other dogs that have had even the most casual of contact. Because of the hardiness of the virus (it can live for a month or more without a host) it remains highly dangerous. A simple vaccination can help reduce the chance of your dog catching the disease.

Other Dangerous Ailments in Dog Health Info

Canine hepatitis, like human hepatitis, enters the victim’s bloodstream and subsequently attacks the liver. Also, like human hepatitis, there is no cure for the disease; only treatment of the symptoms. The manner in which a dog reacts to the disease differs greatly from case to case and can involve a mild fever and lethargy to high fever, shock, and even death. Again, no cure exists but a vaccine is available.

Many dog health info materials mention lyme disease as a serious dog condition, but in actuality it is more serious to humans than dogs. Being a bacterial infection, the treatment options are greater and include antibiotics that can effectively treat the disease and limit the chance of it spreading to other dogs or humans. The best way to control the disease is to check your dog’s coat for ticks regularly as ticks are the initial carrier.

Reproductive Issues in Dog Health Info

If you are not a breeder, perhaps the most important health related service you can do for your pet is to have it spayed or neutered. A visit to any animal shelter will reveal the glut of stray animals that must be euthanized daily. Eliminating the ability of your dog to reproduce can help combat this terrible problem and also increase its health.

Many uninformed pet owners feel that spaying or neutering is somehow cruel in that it limits the animal’s capacity to be “whole.” However, there is no evidence that male or female animals that are “fixed” ever pine for their lost capacity and most evidence points to them becoming happier, more well-adjusted pets. Male dogs in particular benefit in that their risk of testicular cancer (a very common ailment in older males) is eliminated. All dog health info sources agree that neutering and spaying animals is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your pet.

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