Chemical Free Solutions to Kill Bed Bugs

When you think about getting rid of bed bugs, chemicals come to mind, as these are the most effective and convenient solution. However, these also have side effects, which is why people wished for a better method. To kill bed bugs without chemicals doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a lot harder. It’s actually pretty simple, not to mention that it involves safer and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

The Bed Bug

Before you go and start killing them off, you have to know how to identify them first. A bed bug is a tiny insect with a reddish-brown exterior and oval-like shape, and it’s as small as a grain of rice. They are bloodsuckers that favor warm-blooded mammals, which include but are not limited to humans. Usually, they only show themselves during the night, which is probably the reason why most people aren’t aware that their homes are already infested.

Their common hiding spots are bedding (mattresses, pillows, covers, comforters, etc.), cracks and crevices, and carpets. Pay extra attention to the corners of your mattress, and nooks and crannies, as they will most likely be there.


A steam machine is the perfect contraption to get rid of those bloodsucking pests without any chemicals. You can probably get one easily at your local hardware store. If not, you can choose to use a makeshift one with just a flexible tube and an electric kettle. Also, when you use a steam machine, never stop blasting the bed bugs with it until they are completely motionless. Some bed bugs may just appear to be dead, especially when you have just found them in their hiding spot. Furthermore, take extra time in blasting their eggs.


A vacuum cleaner is effective in sucking up the little bloodsuckers from carpets and their hiding spots. However, you should take care to put them in a sealed trash bag and let them remain there for a few days to kill them. The good thing about vacuuming is that you don’t have to clean up the bed bugs’ corpses from the area you clear them up in. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. However, exterminators suggest that after you vacuum, you should steam their spots to ensure that not one bug has escaped.


Bed bugs actually drown, but the downside to that is their eggs will hatch sooner. The better way to use water against them is to put the items they infected in a plastic bag and immersing them in hot water (120ºF minimum).


Some items that are too big and are infested severely should just be discarded. Pillows and mattresses are the most commonly discarded things once infested. Incidentally, take caution in purchasing second-hand bedding.

Using Carpet Tape

Carpet tape is an effective preventative measure. By simply placing a strip in your doorways, you’d already be preventing bed bugs from getting in or out.

These are not the only methods to kill bed bugs without chemicals, but these are the most commonly used ones because of their effectiveness. Simply put, know your bug then choose what method to use and you’re good!

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