Bird Cages

Many different types of bird cages can be purchased for your pet bird. You should choose your bird cage according to the type of bird you own and the space you have for storing the cage. Generally, larger birds will need larger cages. However, some smaller species of birds, such as cockatiels, will need a larger cage so they will have space to fly.

Many different styles of Bird Cages are available. You can find square or rectangular cages quite easily. You can also find domed, flat, pyramid, round, or wavy styles of cages. You can choose a style that will work best for the type of bird you own and will fit best in the room you have. You can also choose from various colors when purchasing a bird cage. White, black, and silver are the most common colors to purchase, but other vibrant colors are available as well.

When looking at bird cages for your bird, you will also need to consider purchasing certain bird supplies. Some items you may need to purchase include bird litter, litter scoopers, cup feeders, toy hangers, perches, play stands, ceramic crocks, and spray millet. Most types of birds will need these supplies for a happy and healthy existence.

Options of Supplies for Bird Cages

Bird play stands are usually kept separate from bird cages. They most often come equipped with an adjustable cart, pull out tray, removable grate, perch, and toy hanger. Toys that you will hang from the toy hanger must be purchased separately. Play stands are great for giving added entertainment and exercise opportunities to your bird. Birds appreciate the opportunity to play in the open air.

Perches and perch stands are important items for most birds. Birds need to rest after climbing, flying, and other forms of exercise. A perch is used for resting and is gripped by the feet of the bird. Natural wood perches are recommended, so birds can feel as though they are resting on the branch of a tree. Manzanita perches are a popular choice because they are durable and the irregular shape of the wood branches helps birds to strengthen the legs and to maintain balance.

Bird Swings are a great accessory for a bird cage. They are considered to be very exciting to birds. Swings allow birds to play and swing around as they would from a tree in the outdoors. The wind they feel on their bodies while swinging is also thrilling for birds because it feels like the wind they would experience in the outdoor air. Purchasing toys and bird supplies for entertainment and exercise is helpful for the health and happiness of pet birds.

The Importance of Exercise in Bird Cages

It is a good idea to purchase the largest cage possible for your pet bird. Most birds will appreciate the extra space that they can enjoy in large bird cages. Also, having extra space in bird cages allows birds more room to move and exercise. If you own a bird of flight, you may want to purchase a large flight cage, so your bird will have plenty of space to fly as well.

Exercise is very important for most birds. Without exercise, birds will be more susceptible to arthritis, will not be as happy, and will not live as long. Exercise from flying, balancing on a perch, swinging, and playing with bird toys can help your bird to stay healthy and in good spirits. With adequate amounts of exercise, your pet bird will remain fit, lean, strong, and energetic.

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